A Busy Time !

IMG_6451 These wonderful Nuno scarves are just a sample of the amazing work that has been done in my workshops in the last few months, I will be adding some more photos to the Gallery page so do please take a look.

Lots of workshops are coming up and a few that will involve a bit of travelling,  so yes  Busy Times …

Ickworth wool fair had its ups and downs, I came home minus a hat this was stolen on the Saturday morning, to my knowledge this is the third craft/wool event that has been targeted. This may have been taken by a member of the public, but it could also have been a stallholder? …..     On a good note, I got some wonderful feedback from my stall, bookings for workshops are coming in fast.

I am going to be at

Art and Craft Days in Terling on August 19th

Cressing Temple Barns  on September 16th

plus lots of other events coming up.

It is a bit frightening to say this ! — October November and December dates will be here on the website very soon. Kx


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