Birthday Party for Elspeth

TDear Kris,

I want to thank you so much for the fabulous birthday you ran for Elspeth. The girls obviously had the “best time ever” and the Mums have all since said that the girls came home buzzing. Elspeth’s feltwork is now dry and is being used as a blanket for her special bear, the highest honour that anything can have!

I have to say that I also enjoyed being able to step back and watch all the creativity in progress. I admit I was nervous that a Monday-night-after-school party would be very difficult to manage, but you made all the timings work perfectly, which was a huge relief.

Elspeth has made lots of felt balls with the DIY kit you contributed to the party bags and we have been to Hobbycraft to restock the felt supply. It is a fascinating process with beautiful results, and we are inspired.

Best wishes



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