Taking Felt Making to School

IMG_5767This is just a few photos from my amazing day spent teaching GCSE art students at The Chafford School in Rainham Essex. Their subject was Sweets and Cakes and this was covered brilliantly with doughnuts and liquorice allsorts!

Davina head of art, and I split the day into 2 groups and managed to get everyone (44 people) to complete a picture of their chosen subject.

When I left at the end of school on Friday 12th February these pieces were all drying on racks, ready for the students to return from half term and embellish their work, I am so looking forward to seeing the end results and sharing some more photos with you. Which hopefully will be very soon.

Thank you to Chafford School for giving me the opportunity to pass on the techniques of Felt Making.


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